Why pinterest and instagram are most favourite social networks of women?

Social media networks rule the world on its click. They have a massive impact on everyone’s lives to the point of people getting sick if they don’t get daily and most importantly, multiple doses of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. Not only teenagers and youngsters but old folks are also equally as guilty of having an addiction to social media, provided the fact that it’s free for all and always available with just a click away. Every social network has its distinctive features and theme. As far as Instagram is concerned, it is utterly related to posting pictures and videos that can be edited using Instagram inbuilt, various filters. The picture\video might be private or can go public regarding privacy as per the wish of the user. Secondly, Pinterest works by users posting pictures or videos (known as pinning on Pinterest) on their profiles (boards). Several similar posts with the same theme are pinned under one pin which is how people can search their interests by using one word.


Women are the species that break or make anything. Anything! So that’s how social media has reached the sky too because women are indefinitely hooked on social networks. But Instagram and Pinterest got the award and gold stars by becoming the most favorite one of them all. It is not at all obscure why they have the leading position considering the type of characteristics they possess and how much they offer.

Why Instagram?

It is quite clear why women are under the influence of Instagram. It has too much of good offers not to like it such as:

  1. It allows women to upload their best pictures which are made even more stunning by the application of various, interesting filters.
  2. No one can save pictures of anyone or anything on Instagram; it just does not allow it.
  3. People can buy Instagram followers and run successful businesses too.
  4. There are different pages that attract women such as fashion, cooking, designing, celebrities and much more. Instagram has one feature known as “Explore” which comprises of various, distinctive posts from all over the globe. All the leading designers, pages having posts of new trends, fashion, and decoration and cooking are present for absolutely free on Instagram. It is easier for women to search for things they want on Instagram.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a dream come true for every woman, catching the interest of anyone and everyone that tries it for even once. It pins you to the screen and does the trick by:

  1. It has all the inspirational, cute, sassy, feminine quotes that women might need once in a while for posting on another social network when women are short of pictures. Feel the need?
  2. It has perfect, yummy, too good to be true recipes of foods women dream about. Yes, they do!
  3. Last but not the least, pictures! Women can upload pictures and videos for the Lord and His creatures to praise all they want