Ibn Battuta

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was the full name of the very famous traveler commonly known as Ibn Battuta. He was born in 1304 in Tangier. The date of his death is still uncertain, but it is said that he died much possibly during 1368 to 1369. Ibn Battuta was a traveler, a geographer, the botanist and the man of his religion and law. Based on the situation he was sometimes a qadi and sometimes a judge. Nevertheless, he is known as the Morocco traveler and the explorer of God, His land, and humanity. His travel expeditions covered almost 73000 miles. And this experience mainly covered the Muslim countries. The journey included the Islamic world, North and West Africa, Syria, Palestine, Maldives, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China and so on.

He spent almost nine years of his life traveling to different places. His journey covered almost 75000 miles of Islamic empires, which was the largest area covered by the traveler of that time.

Why is Ibn Battuta famous for?

During the last years of his life, Ibn Battuta returned to Morocco and narrated many stories of his traveling experience to scholars and the ruler of Morocco. The ruler wanted to have a complete record of Ibn Battuta’s traveling experience and thus ordered the scholars to do so. The scholars of that time wrote the complete experience of Ibn Battuta’s in the form of a book, and it was called as Rihla, which meant journey. This book made Ibn Battuta a famous traveler of the world.

The early years of ibn battuta’s life

Ibn Battuta was born in the Tangier the city of Morocco, on February 25, 1304. He was born in a Muslim family, so he had Islam as a birth religion. Morocco was an Islamic state. He went to an Islamic school, so his early learning mainly consisted of Islamic law, reading, writing, mathematics and general science.


Ibn Battuta performed total seven pilgrimages in his life. At the very young age of 21, he decided to perform his first pilgrimage. He knew beforehand that he was going to face many difficulties on his way to Mecca but even than his quest for God and his orders did not feed away. So he continued his journey of thousands of miles to Mecca. It took him a year and a half to reach Mecca and to finally complete his pilgrimage.


On his way to his first pilgrimage, it was very clear to Ibn Battuta that he was very fond of traveling and adventure. New places, cultures, environment and new people always fascinated him. So he decides to continue his traveling expedition. For almost next 28 years of his life, he continued to travel to many different places and countries. He went to Mecca, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China, East Costa of Africa and many more countries.

The last years of his life were spent in Morocco which was his homeland; he shared his experience with many scholars and rulers. He is still known to be one of the most adventurous travelers of the world.