Avoid These Mistakes On Instagram And Make Your Profile Attractive

You are one of those bloggers who is feeling annoyed because after working hard on Instagram you have not succeeded to get enough followers. It is affecting your ranking in the search engine because you are unable to drive more traffic to your site. You are thinking to Buy Active Instagram Followers to take a step further. But until you do not find the mistakes you are committing to social media you cannot become successful at all. Social media is a compelling platform for the businesses these days, but you need to understand that there is not any magic to become successful on social media. You need the best strategies to win.

Mistakes you should avoid on Instagram:

Many people wonder that why they are bothering themselves by using the social media platforms if they still have a few followers. Getting more and more followers on social media is crucial. We can say that the followers are the metric to measure success on social media. But it is also a fact that getting followers is not that easy. You cannot force anyone to click the follow button. If you are not getting enough followers that means you are doing something wrong. You should figure out your mistakes and avoid these in future. We have given below some of the errors you may have done on Instagram due to which you are not getting followers:

  • No link to your bio:

You are using Instagram to develop your brand. In fact, you aim to bring more and more traffic to your site but in vain. The reason is that you have made it quite difficult for your Instagram followers to find your website by not giving a link to your website in the bio. The people who are coming to your profile for the very first time do not know about your site due to which you have no visitors to the website.

  • Have no strategy at all:

Having a goal driven policy on social media is crucial. You must know where you stand today and where you aim to reach. Once you know your destination, you can find the ways towards it. So make efficient strategies and be clear about what you want. It will help you to Buy Instagram Followers and use your account in the best manner.

  • Keeping the account private:

If you lock something then how one can see it? It is the matter with your Instagram account. We have discussed already that you cannot force people to follow you on social media. It is only the compelling content that can convince them to follow you on Instagram, and if you keep your profile private, then no one will be able to see your posts. So do not keep your Instagram profile private if you want to get more and more followers.

  • Unlimited Hashtags:

Popular Hashtags work in your favor, but you must understand that only relevant Hashtags count. Too many Hashtags can spoil your post. You should not think about manipulating the users by using millions of irrelevant Hashtags.

Why pinterest and instagram are most favourite social networks of women?

Social media networks rule the world on its click. They have a massive impact on everyone’s lives to the point of people getting sick if they don’t get daily and most importantly, multiple doses of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. Not only teenagers and youngsters but old folks are also equally as guilty of having an addiction to social media, provided the fact that it’s free for all and always available with just a click away. Every social network has its distinctive features and theme. As far as Instagram is concerned, it is utterly related to posting pictures and videos that can be edited using Instagram inbuilt, various filters. The picture\video might be private or can go public regarding privacy as per the wish of the user. Secondly, Pinterest works by users posting pictures or videos (known as pinning on Pinterest) on their profiles (boards). Several similar posts with the same theme are pinned under one pin which is how people can search their interests by using one word.


Women are the species that break or make anything. Anything! So that’s how social media has reached the sky too because women are indefinitely hooked on social networks. But Instagram and Pinterest got the award and gold stars by becoming the most favorite one of them all. It is not at all obscure why they have the leading position considering the type of characteristics they possess and how much they offer.

Why Instagram?

It is quite clear why women are under the influence of Instagram. It has too much of good offers not to like it such as:

  1. It allows women to upload their best pictures which are made even more stunning by the application of various, interesting filters.
  2. No one can save pictures of anyone or anything on Instagram; it just does not allow it.
  3. People can buy Instagram followers and run successful businesses too.
  4. There are different pages that attract women such as fashion, cooking, designing, celebrities and much more. Instagram has one feature known as “Explore” which comprises of various, distinctive posts from all over the globe. All the leading designers, pages having posts of new trends, fashion, and decoration and cooking are present for absolutely free on Instagram. It is easier for women to search for things they want on Instagram.

Why Pinterest?

Pinterest is a dream come true for every woman, catching the interest of anyone and everyone that tries it for even once. It pins you to the screen and does the trick by:

  1. It has all the inspirational, cute, sassy, feminine quotes that women might need once in a while for posting on another social network when women are short of pictures. Feel the need?
  2. It has perfect, yummy, too good to be true recipes of foods women dream about. Yes, they do!
  3. Last but not the least, pictures! Women can upload pictures and videos for the Lord and His creatures to praise all they want

Ibn Battuta

Who was Ibn Battuta?

Abu Abdullah Muhammad Ibn Battuta was the full name of the very famous traveler commonly known as Ibn Battuta. He was born in 1304 in Tangier. The date of his death is still uncertain, but it is said that he died much possibly during 1368 to 1369. Ibn Battuta was a traveler, a geographer, the botanist and the man of his religion and law. Based on the situation he was sometimes a qadi and sometimes a judge. Nevertheless, he is known as the Morocco traveler and the explorer of God, His land, and humanity. His travel expeditions covered almost 73000 miles. And this experience mainly covered the Muslim countries. The journey included the Islamic world, North and West Africa, Syria, Palestine, Maldives, India, Turkey, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, China and so on.

He spent almost nine years of his life traveling to different places. His journey covered almost 75000 miles of Islamic empires, which was the largest area covered by the traveler of that time.

Why is Ibn Battuta famous for?

During the last years of his life, Ibn Battuta returned to Morocco and narrated many stories of his traveling experience to scholars and the ruler of Morocco. The ruler wanted to have a complete record of Ibn Battuta’s traveling experience and thus ordered the scholars to do so. The scholars of that time wrote the complete experience of Ibn Battuta’s in the form of a book, and it was called as Rihla, which meant journey. This book made Ibn Battuta a famous traveler of the world.

The early years of ibn battuta’s life

Ibn Battuta was born in the Tangier the city of Morocco, on February 25, 1304. He was born in a Muslim family, so he had Islam as a birth religion. Morocco was an Islamic state. He went to an Islamic school, so his early learning mainly consisted of Islamic law, reading, writing, mathematics and general science.


Ibn Battuta performed total seven pilgrimages in his life. At the very young age of 21, he decided to perform his first pilgrimage. He knew beforehand that he was going to face many difficulties on his way to Mecca but even than his quest for God and his orders did not feed away. So he continued his journey of thousands of miles to Mecca. It took him a year and a half to reach Mecca and to finally complete his pilgrimage.


On his way to his first pilgrimage, it was very clear to Ibn Battuta that he was very fond of traveling and adventure. New places, cultures, environment and new people always fascinated him. So he decides to continue his traveling expedition. For almost next 28 years of his life, he continued to travel to many different places and countries. He went to Mecca, Iraq, Iran, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, China, East Costa of Africa and many more countries.

The last years of his life were spent in Morocco which was his homeland; he shared his experience with many scholars and rulers. He is still known to be one of the most adventurous travelers of the world.

Create your LinkedIn Company Page to maximize the benefits

You can use LinkedIn to make new connections, build the brand and generate leads. It helps the individuals and businesses to get recognition.  A few years ago, you had only a few means to promote your business and win customers. But with the technology and advancement, things have changed now, and you do not need to rely on the conventional ways to market your products. It would be correct saying that the digital marketing is truly a game changer in business and you should take advantage of the popularity of social media platforms.

How to create your Linkedin company page?

LinkedIn is the best platform to drive business results, promote career opportunities and raise brand awareness. If you want to get benefits using LinkedIn, then you should think of creating your company page. It will help you to bring traffic to your site, and you will improve your ranking. In fact, the LinkedIn company page will provide you an opportunity to promote your products and services. If you are using a social media plat form to promote your products, then it enhances your credibility. We cannot deny the fact that LinkedIn helps you to stand out in the highly competitive business landscape.

Following are the steps to make your LinkedIn company page:

  • Startup on LinkedIn:

Well, the process of creating a LinkedIn company page is not that much complicated. You need a LinkedIn profile to initiate the process and if you do not have an existing profile then create a new one. To get the benefits of LinkedIn to boost your business needs a strong marketing plan.

  • Include your Company:

After creating a LinkedIn profile in the next step, you have to add your company to the page. Click the option, add your company and enter the name of your firm. Make sure that you have written the correct name of the enterprise. Also, you have to enter your email address as well. Enter your business e-mail address because the LinkedIn will send a mail to confirm your eligibility.

  • Choose Admin Of The Page:

After adding your company’s to the LinkedIn page in the next step, you have to select the admin of the page. You can select any employee who will run the page.

  • Provide Company Details:

To create your company LinkedIn page, you have to provide all the company details. After providing all the necessary information, you have to choose your company logo and a banner. It will help you to take a feel of your business on LinkedIn.

  • Add a Description:

It is an important part of the whole process in which you have to describe your company in 2000 words. Carefully write what and how your company does the job. You can take professional help as well to write a description for your company as people would follow you after knowing about your company. When you finish writing, click the publish button and your page is ready.

Thus LinkedIn can be a useful tool to establish a brand’s reputation.

Pinterest has become the hot ticket for business marketing

We all understand how important strong marketing plans are for the business. The digital marketing is the best way to promote your business and products. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media platforms to drive sales and boost your earnings. Pinterest marketing is also a very smart marketing. You may be wondering that how can you use Pinterest to market your business and establish a brand. But this is true that with the strategies for your Pinterest activities you can promote your next product and market your small business. So use this self-paced way to reach your goals.

Why Your Business Should Be On Pinterest?

Every brand or the business has a story to tell. You can use the social media platforms to tell that story to your audience. But sometimes images do a better job than words. You can better describe your business or brand using a picture. Pinterest can be a great platform for you to share your business story with the audience using compelling images.

Well, the brands and companies are seeing an immense potential in Pinterest as visual marketing is the current trend. Pinterest pins are more spreadable than a Facebook post or a tweet. If you want to use Pinterest to promote your business and drive results, then bear in mind that your business account would be different from your personal account. You need to sign up for an official Pinterest Business Account.

Following are the reasons your business should be on Pinterest:

  • Visual Storytelling:

We have stated earlier that you can better explain your business using pictures. Today many companies are using Pinterest as a marketing tool to drive targeted engagement. You have a small business then no worries you can still harness the power of this fantastic platform that gives you an opportunity to tell your business story effectively.

  • Share Your Lifestyle:

Mostly women are the Pinterest users, so they take more interest in fashion, food and home décor. Well, they may not be interested in other kinds of products, but you can engage your audience by sharing your lifestyle with them on Pinterest.

  • Buyers Spend More Money On Pinterest:

Conversion rates on Pinterest are higher than other social media platforms. When you pin about a product, it gets viral, and buyers on Pinterest spend more money.

  • Customers Share:

When we take a look at the other social media platforms, we see that their usage varies due to several elements. For example, people make tweets to share what is happening right now. They use Facebook to connect with other professionally and personally. But the Pinterest provides you an opportunity to share your dreams and move towards what you want to be. Buy active Instagram followers more cheap from https://activeig.com/

Content on Pinterest lasts longer than any other social media platform. It provides you the opportunity to create content tailored just for your audience. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to know what your audience is looking for. You should keep an eye on the trending pins.

Unblocked Games give you a new experience every time

Due to the technological advancement, everything is available on the internet. You want to know about anything just use the web to get information. Playing games online is always a lot of fun. Play single player games if you want to pass the time. You can play multiplayer games as well if you want to kill the boredom and have fun with your bestie. Think of the situation when you are free at school and have decided to spend your spare time in playing online games with your best friend. But when you search a game the proxy says it is blocked. Well, the school admin blocks some games and give you the option of playing Unblocked Games 77.

Play Online Games with no fear of getting blocked:

Who in the world does not like to play games? It is the activity that refreshes your mind, and you feel relaxed. Well, many people take the games so seriously that if they do not win, they break their computer screens. It is not a good behavior as games are for fun. So play the games which are allowed in your school and spend your time in a healthy competition.

The administration of schools, colleges and universities assign specific filters to prevent students from installing and playing certain games. These are the games they think are not suitable for kids and students.  They also block some websites considering them not beneficial for the students. But it does not mean that you have to spend your break time in boredom. You can play Unblocked Games which are quite fun playing.

Following are the reasons for the popularity of online games:

  • Affordable:

You can play numerous games after spending dollars. But being a student you cannot afford it. Also, it is not a rational decision to spend money on just playing games for entertainment. So you can play online games that are completely free. You do not need to waste even a penny to get fun by playing free online games.

  • Competition:

You play games to pass your time and have fun. But the games become more exciting when you have to face a tough opponent. The best part of playing online games is that you have a variety of foes. Start fighting with a simple enemy and in the every next level your component would become tougher.

  • Extensive Options:

When you buy a CD or DVD to play a game, you have limited games. But in online games, you can play numerous games. Just type the name of the online game and start playing.  Play puzzle games, fun games, or a game in which you have to save a princess or kill a monster. You have unlimited choice.

Wrapping It Up:

Playing online games is a free entertainment that can help you to forget your stress. The best part is that you can find the games on the web according to the age of the player. If you are a kid, then you can play educational games developed for children. And if you are an adult then play games that involve planning different strategies.


Mistakes related to branding on Social Media

Buy Instagram FollowersAs a matter of fact, social media is simply considered as a playground for an individual user, but if you are branding, you should be careful with it. For instance, you need to be very careful and professional with your words, etc. This guide is all about telling you the mistakes related to branding on social media. You must have a look at all of them and simply try to avoid them for the reason that if you are making too many mistakes constantly, you can potentially lose your buyers or followers. On the other hand, avoiding all such things can help you earn a lot.

Inconsistent posting:

The first mistake related to social media branding is inconsistent posting. There could be various reasons behind, for instance, lack of time, etc. It isn’t the right way at all because your followers are going to notice it, for sure, and it won’t cast a good image of your brand. So, be consistent and coherent with your posting on social media.

Constant selling:

There is no doubt that social media is one of the best marketing tools but don’t consider it merely a sales tool. The reason is that the people need to have a good interaction with other brands and individuals. Constantly advertising your brand will seem deceptive and insincere. Therefore, it is recommended to post after every 6 hours when you buy instagram followers and facebook fans. They will be quite responsive in this way.

Posting something inappropriate:

It’s a good idea to post funny things as humor is one of the most favorable strategies. Also, it lets your followers feel close to you, but you need to bear in mind that all the jokes aren’t adequate to post. So, always be careful and choosy with your words, especially if you are going to post something funny.

Propagating misinformation:

Propagating misinformation can be one of the biggest mistakes for social media marketing. You need to careful and attentive for what you post on social media. Double check the accuracy of what you are going to post for your followers.

Not responding to negative feedback:

Negative feedback – This is the part of any business, for sure. But the main thing you need to take care is handling it in the right way. Not responding or ignoring and fighting back isn’t really good things at all. As a matter of common observance, a few prefer to ignore the negative feedback while others prefer to delete it most of the time. The best is to make use of this sort of situation. How? Simply, respond well to the people who give negative feedback. In this way, you will show your commitment and loyalty to your customers.

Buying followers and likes:

The last mistake related to social media branding which is common these days is buying the likes or followers. This job is really risky for your brand or business. The reason is that it can ruin your brand image as the fake followers won’t ever respond to you and it will seem like your followers are not interested in your posts at all. So, don’t take risks and invest your time as well as energy in attracting the real ones towards your brand through your posts.